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The debut album by VOVK combines various musical genres and stylistically intertwines fast stoner rock with broken math rock rhythms submerging the listener in post-hardcore and progressive rock.

The songs are born in the dens of our mind and played in dark rooms of Kyiv caves. This music is VOVK's lair.

Each song reflects the life of the lyrical hero who is constantly searching for himself and his place in the world opposing his personality to society and other people's believes.


released May 22, 2019

Special guests:
Igor Cherepanov – theremin on “Ancient Times”
Katya Gapochka – backing vocals on “Forest”
Igor Sydorenko – vocals on “My Own Private Thoughts”, appears courtesy of Napalm Records

All lyrics written by Oleksandr Kuts
All music written by VOVK
Produced by VOVK

Recorded and mixed by Vadym Lazariev at LipkyZvukozapys
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios

Artwork by Rene Bergen
Design by Andrii Hurmanchuk


all rights reserved



VOVK Kiev, Ukraine

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Track Name: Endless Waterfall
The noise of water silences
And I know
That its powers are stronger than me

Stone falling to the ground
Wakening my fire
And I feel
An irresistible desire

Blowing wind
Is playing with my hair
It’s so clean
It's sweeping the dust, dust from me

Endless waterfall

The truth
Hard to accept in a crowd
It’s necessary to be alone
Escape from prying eyes

Whisper of my doubts
Is muted by the sound of water
And I’m ready to fly high
Track Name: Ancient Times
In the ancient times
Magic was a crime
In the ancient times
We were hunted

Don't make a mistake
Don't make a sound
Don't make a mistake
Don't go outside

In the ancient times
Magic was a crime
In the ancient times
We were burned

Strangers in the night
Drawing on the ground
Letters, circles, stars
Summon spirits

Magic touched my soul
When my body was gone
Magic raised my bones
And I'm back now
Track Name: Something
Far away
I’m so far away
Far away
I’m so far away

I am so alone

I walk on the red soil of a distant world
Alien air seeps into my spacesuit
I am embraced by the warm purple haze
I see pictures of the fake reality

Come to me

Houston, I’ve got problems here
I see pictures in my head
And I cannot stop it
Houston, can you hear me?
Houston, can you hear me?

Something in the air
Something in the water
Something in my brain
I was led to the slaughter
Track Name: Forest
This rain is getting louder
I’m stuck among the ancient trees
The forest wants to show me visions
I can’t move, but I can see

I watched the river flowing away
I watched the flowers burning in flames
I saw the mountains rising up

The clouds are passing by
My life is no longer mine
This forest wants to show
The dark corners of my soul
Track Name: The Last Ship Above The Sky
They will not take us alive
We will never surrender
The last ship flies above the sky
It is our protector

Fate laughs at me
Wonders are hard to see
But I’m not afraid
With my dreams ahead

The last ship above the sky

I was hit by a tidal wave
Raindrops were louder than a plane
I saw dark clouds cover the sun
A motor stalled and I fell down
Track Name: My Own Private Thoughts
I know you want it
I know you want it all
I know you want it
I know you want a bit more

Let’s swallow all the lies

My eyes are blind, but I can see
The clouds are gathering over me
My eyes are blind

And all these bare walls make me small
The walls have ears and they hear it all
The walls have ears

I know you want it

When I sleep my dreams are full of thoughts
When I sleep my dreams are full of doubts

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